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When you need to hire a workers’ comp attorney after an injury on the job it’s important to find the best representation. An online search will turn up many Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys, but there can only be one who will really fight to get you what you deserve. That is Parsons Law Group.

In a best-case scenario, you report your injury right after it happens, your employer admits liability and files the proper forms, and your treatment and healing are swift and successful. Unfortunately, very often there are delays caused by red tape, complications during medical treatment, or even denial of liability by your employer. If your employer won’t admit it’s their fault you need to consult an attorney. A lawsuit may have to be filed, and that will be time-consuming. However, it can result in you getting paid damages as well as reimbursement for lost wages and medical treatment. 

Choosing the Right Attorney

Attorney websites offer clues as to how successful the firm is because obviously, a well-designed, updated website indicates the financial health of the firm. Their biography page should give you some idea of how many workers’ comp cases they handle a year, what other areas of law they practice, and how many years of experience they have. 

Did you know there is a rating system for attorneys? Martindale Hubbell has been around for over a hundred years, and it rates attorneys in a number of ways. The Client Review Ratings system is explained in detail and that’s what you want to check. You can look up an attorney by name here

You can also Google an attorney by name and see what pops up. A LinkedIn profile will tell you about his or her education and experience.

Important Questions to Ask An Attorney

Here are ten questions you should ask to ensure you get the best representation:

  1. How many workers’ comp cases have you handled during your career?
  2. How many of those cases have resulted in a win for your client?
  3. Have you ever handled a case for someone who suffered injuries similar to mine?
  4. Have you ever filed suit against my employer before, on behalf of someone else? Outcome?
  5. Where is your office located? You may have to go there, so consider traffic, parking, etc.
  6. Can you walk me through the process of what will happen in my case based on what you know now?
  7. If I need questions answered after regular business hours, who can I call?
  8. Can you give me real solutions to help me weather the financial crisis I foresee for my family? 
  9. Do you have a wide network of folks you can call on for a second opinion, such as medical professionals?
  10. How do you get paid?

If you are comfortable talking to the attorney, they have explained everything to you in an understandable way, and they are highly rated by clients and peers, you know you’ve found the right person. 

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