Case Results From Our Atlanta Accident and Injury Cases

Each personal injury accident or workplace accident has factors that make it unique. The results of previous cases are not predictive of the outcome of your case. But our case results do reflect our attorneys’ commitment to aggressive advocacy on behalf of injured clients. It’s a record of accomplishment we’re proud of.

The personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers at Parsons Law Group, with offices in Atlanta and Savannah, handle all types of injury claims. Let us review your accident claim and explain your legal rights. As part of our commitment to injured workers, we do not charge a legal fee unless we obtain compensation for you. You can speak directly to Michael about your case. We offer personal service, and all calls are returned within 24 hours.

Aggressive Representation for Injured Workers in Atlanta and Savannah

Take a look at some of the results we’ve achieved:

  • $100 Million in a Product Liability / Tire Defect / Failure to Warn / Auto Wreck CaseOur client was driving to a meeting for work when her vehicle was struck by another driver who lost control of her vehicle after having a tread separation on her tire. The client’s vehicle rolled causing severe and permanent injuries. Our client, with the help of associated counsel, was successful in bringing claims against the other driver, the manufacturer of the blown tire, the auto shop mechanics who failed to warn the other driver of the unsafe tire, as well as the manufacturer of her own vehicle. Our client was able to recover the $10 million while still preserving her claim for workers’ compensation benefits. This case is a classic example of potential third-party claims within what appeared to be a workers’ compensation claim only.
  • $1.2 million for Workers Comp worker with spinal cord injury

 A 79-year-old client was injured in a car accident while on the job and severely injured his spine. After helping him obtain specialized medical care, Attorney Michael Parsons was able to settle his case for $1.2 million within one year of the accident.

  • $2 million in an SUV Rollover Design DefectA client received a $2 million settlement after an SUV rolled over and the airbags failed to inflate. Another local attorney who focuses on product liability issues teamed with lawyers at Parsons Law Group and did the majority of the “heavy lifting.”
  • $1.2 million in a Railroad Accident SettlementA trackman whose legs were broken when he was pinned between two track cars at CSX received a $1.2 million FELA settlement.
  • 1.15 million for Injured Worker with a Head Injury

Attorney Michael Parsons recovered a $1.15 settlement for an injured worker with a traumatic brain injury after many years of litigation and court appearances.

  • $1.1 million in a Tractor Trailer Accident Injury
  • An 18-wheeler truck rear-ended our client, causing a severe back injury that required surgery. The truck driver was cited for reckless driving. Our truck injury attorneys obtained a settlement for our client of $1.1 million.
  • $920,000.00 in Catastrophic Work InjuryOur client, an attorney, suffered a serious head injury and herniated several discs in his neck after falling down some stairs at work. The insurance company rejected his claim that the head injury prevented him from practicing law. We appealed the denial, and the judge ruled that the fall catastrophically injured our client, entitling him to lifetime benefits. Our client received an award of $920,000.
  • $650,000.00 Settlement for Injured Worker with Concussion and Brain Injury- Fulton County SchoolsOur client, a school teacher at Fulton County Schools, fell and struck her head on a concrete floor. At first, the school system denied the claim since the school teacher was at the school during the “summer break” and not actively teaching. After hiring Attorney Michael Parsons, he was able to obtain her workers’ compensation income benefits and get her treatment at Shepard Center by a Neuropsychologist. Because our client now suffers from dementia as a result of her brain injury, we were able to secure a $650,000.00 settlement for catastrophic lifetime benefits even though the client is near retirement age.
  • $600,000 Award for Heart Attack case- Worker suffered a heart attack on the job- After winning at trial, the insurance company paid $600,00 to settle the claim for the heart attack victim
  • $500,000.00 in an RSD Injury Claim-Georgia Hospital AssociationOur client, an employee of Georgia Hospital Association (GHA), developed a nerve disorder known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD) or CRPS in both hands and wrists after getting a hand trapped in a machine at work. The workers’ compensation insurance company sent our client to a doctor of their choice, who disputed that the woman had developed RSD as a result of a workplace injury. After we took the claim to trial, the insurance company allowed the doctor that we used for an independent medical examination to implant a spinal cord stimulator, which greatly relieved our client’s pain. The woman, who was able to return to work several years after her injury, was awarded $500,000.00 to settle the claim.
  • $475,000.00 in a Workplace Burn Injury-Georgia PowerOur client, an employee at Georgia Power, returned to work after the severe burn wounds he suffered in a workplace accident had healed. But he began having severe “pins and needles” sensations in his legs and could no longer do his job. The insurance company attributed the man’s inability to work to a pre-existing condition that he’d developed as a child. Doctors determined that nerve damage from the burns caused the “pins and needles” sensation. The insurance company said the injury was catastrophic and awarded our client $475,000.00. The client also was able to have workers’ compensation pay his medical bills for two additional years.
  • $449,000.00 in a Scaffolding Accident at PublixOur client, a Publix employee, had been unable to walk since falling off scaffolding at work and suffering a serious back injury. The insurance company denied that the back injury was the cause of his inability to work. Instead, the insurance company said the man’s long-term alcoholism rendered him unable to walk. Attorney J. Michael Parsons met with the company doctor and was able to get the doctor to say that our client’s inability to walk was 80 percent due to job injury. J. Michael Parsons secured $449,000.00 for the injured man and was able to have the client’s home modified to be handicapped accessible.
  • $300,000 for leg injury  
  • Our client suffered a terrible leg injury after a pallet of car batteries fell onto his legs. We were able to get the claim designated as catastrophic and our client receives lifetime medical care. Ultimately, we are able to reach a fair settlement of $300,000.
  • $225,000.00 Settlement for an injured worker with disputed injury of RSD and CRPS-Pediatrician Office Our client was injured when a door slammed on her hand. It appeared that the injury was relatively minor at first. Because the employer and insurer delayed in getting our client medical treatment, she developed RSD or CRPS in the hand and had to have a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) implanted in her spine. After this surgery, our client’s pain was significantly reduced and she was able to move on with her life after Attorney Michael Parsons was able to negotiate a $225,000.00 settlement.
  • $220,000.00 Injured By Falling Object-City of Douglasville A bookcase fell on our client, injuring her. She worked for the City of Douglasville. The insurance company rejected the injury claim, and she initially hired another attorney to represent her. At trial, the insurance company contended that our client resigned because she could not handle the stress of the job. The judge ruled in favor of the insurance company. The woman then hired Parsons Law Group We filed a request for a change in condition for the worse. We were able to get the woman’s doctor to say that the workplace injury had left our client permanently unable to work. The insurance company then hired their own doctor to say that old age caused her inability to work, not the injury. During a trial, the judge said the company had unreasonably defended the case and awarded attorney’s fees to our client. Attorney J. Michael Parsons was able to get the woman all her back pay. The insurance company recently agreed that the woman’s injuries were catastrophic, and the parties settled the case for $220,000.00.
  • $200,000.00 in a Work-Related Bladder Cancer Claim-Chemco Truck Driver Chemical exposure at work caused our client, an employee of Chemco, to develop bladder cancer. The insurance company produced experts who said the chemical exposure did not cause the worker’s cancer. We hired an independent toxicologist. Our investigation of OSHA records and Material Safety Data sheets showed that there were several cancer-causing chemicals on the job site and there had been previous exposures. Attorney J. Michael Parsons obtained a settlement of $200,000.00 on behalf of the worker, whose bladder cancer was in remission.
  • $175,000.00 in a Workplace Accident Settlement at Allied ReadymixOur client, a cement truck driver for Allied Readymix, received a $175,000.00 award after developing a condition called Restrictive Airways Dystrophy Syndrome (RADS) as a result of inhaling a fair amount of cement in an accidental spill. The insurer initially disputed the diagnosis, contending the driver suffered from chronic cardio-obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). But we advocated forcefully that it was clear from the doctor that the work-related accident caused the client’s condition, and he was awarded a settlement.
  • $175,000.00 in a Workplace Back Injury-City of Atlanta PoliceOur client was a police officer for the City of Atlanta who sustained a back injury when a fellow officer jumped on his back during horseplay. The workers’ compensation insurance company used the “horseplay defense” to deny the claim, although our client did not invite the fellow officer to jump on his back. In court, the judge found the horseplay defense was not applicable and ordered the insurance company to pay our client’s lost wages and medical bills. Our workers’ compensation attorneys negotiated a $175,000.00 settlement for the officer.
  • $125,000.00 for Total Knee Replacement after Slip and Fall- BP Car CareOur client, a mechanic at BP Car Care, was injured after slipping and falling on a carpet in the lobby of the auto-repair shop. The company used the “Notice Defense” denying that the employee ever notified them of the accident. In fact, after the accident, a manager drove the employee to the hospital but urged our client to use his own group health insurance to treat the injury. Our client, afraid of being fired, did as he was told. For six months, he did not receive medical care or file a claim. Finally, our client hired Attorney Michael Parsons and he was able to get our client to a knee specialist who performed a total knee replacement. After going to a trial, the judge found that the employee had provided notice to the employer and that the employer was responsible for the injury. Our client ultimately settled his claim after a hearing for $125,000.00.
  • $85,000.00 for a Workplace Shoulder Injury-McDonaldsOur client, a manager at McDonalds, injured her shoulder and sustained a ruptured bicep while lifting at work. After undergoing successful surgery, our client was awarded an $85,000.00 settlement and was able to secure another managerial job.
  • $75,000.00 in a Sidewalk Slip-and-Fall Injury-City of AtlantaOur client stepped in a pothole on a sidewalk maintained by the City of Atlanta and broke her ankle. The City blamed the water company for the hazardous condition of the sidewalk. The water company accepted no responsibility. Our attorneys took depositions from several city workers, and it became apparent that the City of Atlanta was lying. The judge fined the City and ordered the City to pay all of our client’s legal fees. Our client obtained a settlement of $75,000.00 and did not have to use any of the settlement to pay attorney’s fees.
  • $75,000.00 for Slip and Fall-“Dollar General Injury”Our client, a manager at Dollar General, slipped and fell unloading boxes from a delivery truck and injured her back at L5-S1 which required epidural steroid injections (ESI’S). After hiring Attorney Michael Parsons, our client received medical and workers comp benefits and was able to settle her claim against Dollar General for $75,000.00.

The attorneys at Parsons Law Group, based in Atlanta and Savannah, understand the issues confronting people who have suffered personal injuries, including workplace injuries. Contact our firm today to speak directly with Michael. We offer personal service and a no-obligation review of your case. All calls are returned within 24 hours.