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If you are injured on the job you want a speedy and fair resolution to your workers’ compensation claim but unfortunately, delays and denials are common. The Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys at Parsons Law Group understand the causes of delays and denials and can help you navigate the system so you can get what you deserve. It’s important to understand the process of filing the claim, getting paid, and treating, and it really helps if you have an attorney helping you.

Common Causes for Delay

There are many causes for delay in completing the process to get you back to work, and here are a few:

  • You delay reporting the injury. After you are injured on the job the most important thing you can do is notify your employer. You are allowed up to a year but the sooner you can start the entire process – which only occurs after the employer files the WC-1 form – the quicker you can get treatment. 
  • Your employer doesn’t do what needs to be done. If your employer doesn’t file the WC-1 form promptly, and/or doesn’t report the injury to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation in a timely manner it will likely cause delays. Any injury that causes you to stay home for 7 days or more must be reported. Conveniently, the Georgia State Board of Worker’s Compensation offers all the forms for free, in a fillable format, on its website
  • Your injuries are complicated. If you suffer multiple injuries, for instance, you lose several teeth and break several bones, it will entail seeing several different kinds of doctors and completing treatment with each. Each doctor has to file a report, and their staff may not be efficient in doing that.

The most common cause for delay is that your employer denies that your injury is work-related. In that instance, you will definitely have to hire an attorney, and possibly file suit.

Consequences of Delay

The more doctors, the more complex your injuries, the longer it will take to handle your claim successfully. The most obvious consequence of a delay in resolving your claim is that you may face financial hardships. Your work comp pay is only two-thirds of your regular pay. An attorney who is familiar with the process can advise you on the best way to handle the financial issues.

Another consequence is that your healing may be delayed. A second opinion may be needed, and you will have to wait for that appointment, for example. That can cause great stress not only for you but for your family if they have to take care of your physical needs.

How to Handle a Denial of Your Claim 

Claims are denied for many reasons. If that happens, you may go through an administrative appeals process with your employer, or you can request a hearing before the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. In that hearing, you will need an experienced attorney to represent you. You may also opt for mediation to resolve the case. The best way to handle everything? Call our firm today, and speak with an experienced Atlanta and Savannah, GA workers’ compensation attorney.