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Savannah is Georgia’s fifth largest city and the county seat of Chatham County. With a population of 139,491 (U.S. Census estimate – 2011), the City of Savannah is established as Georgia’s third largest metropolitan area. Savannah’s history dates to 1733, and Savannah’s graceful and historic buildings attract millions of visitors annually. Savannah is a major industrial center for the south and remains an important Atlantic seaport, as it has been since the time of the Revolutionary War.

Savannah’s historic downtown maintains a good portion of the original town plan and is noted for the historic district’s 22 squares. These squares, or parks, range in decorative style and size; some larger squares boast formal fountains and monuments while others have a relaxing playground atmosphere. These squares, coupled with the Savannah Victorian Historic District constitute one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States.

In addition to tourism, shipping through the Port of Savannah, industrial manufacturing, and the U.S. military are Savannah’s major economic contributors. International Paper is one of Savannah’s largest employers. Savannah is the headquarters for the Gulfstream Aerospace Company, a major manufacturer of private jets. The JCB Corporation, the third largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world, builds its products and has its North American headquarters in Chatham County near Savannah. Numerous other national and international corporations of this caliber call Savannah home.

Consistently named as one of “America’s Favorite Cities,” Savannah has earned the name of “Hostess City of the South,” largely through visitors enabled by the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center.

Services for Workers’ Compensation

The Injured Workers Resource Site is an online source of information for those injured in work-related accidents, providing an Internet forum for those hoping to collect workers’ compensation benefits to discuss their situation with others facing the same problems. This is not a website for those seeking legal assistance, but a support group for those injured persons and their families needing emotional guidance and suggestions to help them cope while their workman’s compensation claims are being processed.

State Board of Workers’ Compensation:

The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation provides for local Mediation Sites throughout the state. In Savannah, the office is located at 7 East Congress Street, Suite 603, Savannah, GA 31401.

Workers’ Compensation Helpline:

If you have been injured on the job, you can call and speak to a Workers’ Compensation medical social worker at (912) 394-3292.

Savannah Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers

Memorial University Medical Center:

The emergency services at Memorial University Medical Center include the only Level I trauma center in southeast Georgia. A Level I designation is the highest level of emergency care as established by the American College of Surgeons. With heavy industrial activity generated by manufacturing plants in Savannah, the potential for industrial accidents and trauma injuries from product liabilities is important.

They are located at 4700 Waters Avenue, Savannah.

St. Joseph’s Hospital – Emergency Department (ED):

St. Joseph’s Emergency Department handles general health-related complaints and emergencies and specialized services for cardiac, neurological, and respiratory emergencies. The ED has an air-ambulance helipad should there be a need to transport a critically ill or high-level trauma patient after stabilization in an accident resulting from workplace accidents or defective product injuries. The ED is located at 11705 Mercy Boulevard (facing Abercorn) in Savannah.

Candler Hospital – Emergency Department (ED):

Candler Hospital’s Emergency Department offers comprehensive care for general health-related complaints and emergencies with specialized services for orthopedic and pediatric problems. Ambulatory patients with less acute illnesses and injuries, such as sprains, sore throats, and cuts, may be seen quickly in PromptCare. The ED is located at 5353 Reynolds Street in Savannah.

Court Resources in Savannah (Chatham County)

Savannah City Court (Dissolved 1970):

The state court was established by a 1970 legislative act that designated certain existing countywide courts of limited jurisdiction as state courts, and the City Court of Savannah became the State Court of Chatham County. State courts may exercise jurisdiction over all misdemeanor violations, including traffic cases, and all civil actions, regardless of the amount claimed, unless the Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction. State court judges are elected to four-year terms in nonpartisan, countywide elections.

Chatham County Juvenile Court:

Juvenile Court facilities are located at 197 Carl Griffin Dr, Savannah. The Juvenile Court is organized into four divisions: Intake, Probation, Clerk of the Court, and Panel Coordinator. A manager is assigned to each division. The Intake Staff screens the complaints and determines the appropriate course of action. The Probation staff provides supervision. The Clerk of the Court provides assistance to all officers of the Court and the public in filing all traffic, criminal, and deprivation documentation concerning juveniles, recording all juvenile hearings, and maintaining all juvenile court records. The Panel Coordinator handles authorization for shelter care, as well as coordinating and organizing panel reviews for all children in the custody Department of Family and Children Services.

Chatham County Magistrate Court:

The Magistrate Court plays an important role in the community. The court provides assistance to individuals in civil and criminal actions. An attorney is not required in this court, which makes the Magistrate Court affordable for everyone in Chatham County. Magistrate Court’s jurisdiction includes civil claims against individuals or companies (for product liability, for example) when the claim is for $15,000.00 or less, dispossession proceedings (landlord/tenant), applications for and the issuance of search warrants, and preliminary hearings. The Magistrate Court does not hold jury trials and is not a court of record. Any appeals from judgments in civil cases are made to the Superior and State Courts.

State Court of Chatham County:

State Court is located in the Chatham County Courthouse at 133 Montgomery Street, Savannah. The Court provides a full range of civil and criminal judicial services with jurisdiction within the geographic boundaries of Chatham County. With respect to civil matters, the Court enjoys concurrent jurisdiction with the Superior Courts, without regard to a dollar amount, except for those actions where exclusive jurisdiction is vested in the Superior Courts. For criminal matters, the Court disposes of misdemeanor offenses, including traffic, “bound over” from any Chatham County municipality.