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If you are injured at work, you are entitled to medical treatment and compensation under Georgia state law. When working in a warehouse or as a delivery driver there are situations where many kinds of injuries (back, sprain,  falls, etc.) can occur. It’s important to know how to manage under trying circumstances. The Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys at Parsons Law Group can help you understand your rights so your family will be supported.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation 

Any employer in Georgia with more than three employees is required to abide by workers’ compensation laws, according to the Georgia State Board of Worker’s Compensation. There are provisions in place to support workers, to assist them in covering medical expenses as well as living expenses after they have been injured. Remember that it’s important to:

  • Report the injury as soon as possible after it happens
  • Seek medical care immediately after your employer gives you a list of medical providers
  • Retain the services of an experienced attorney to ensure you get what you deserve

If you are injured badly enough that you can’t work for as many as seven days, you are entitled to income under the workers’ compensation law in the amount of two-thirds of your weekly income. You are entitled to be paid for up to 400 weeks, and possibly for the rest of your life if the injury is catastrophic.

Dealing with Medical Expenses 

Warehouse and delivery drivers injured on the job need medical treatment and the workers’ compensation carrier will offer options of where you can be treated. As long as you go to an approved doctor or clinic, you will not have to pay the bills. Sometimes a Managed Care company will oversee your medical treatment. You won’t have to pay for hospital stays, physical therapy, or prescriptions. In some instances, depending on your income, you may be eligible for Medicaid, and an attorney will help you with that if necessary.

Financial Advice for Lost Wages 

Although your worker’s comp benefit should help a great deal with paying your bills, it will only be two-thirds of what you normally earn. With a limited income, it may be necessary to economize, and make a more realistic budget for your family. It will help if you can access savings, or if necessary reach out to family and friends for assistance. 

Legal Assistance for Obtaining Compensation 

The Atlanta and Savannah attorneys at Parsons Law Group have experience in handling workers’ compensation matters and will be able to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. In some instances, a lawsuit may need to be filed, and an attorney can advise you if that is the best option. Sometimes company-paid doctors will try to send a worker back too soon, before healing is complete. You may not be physically able to do the same job after you have completed medical treatment. For instance, you may not be able to lift as much weight, so your job options may be limited. You need someone willing to fight for your rights under the law. Contact our attorney today to set up a consultation.