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The National Safety Council is marking June as National Safety Month with a special focus on employee and workplace safety.

The organization is using the observance to educate people about how they can reduce the risk of injuries and death on the job. In particular, the observance focuses on prevention of slips, trips and falls, employee wellness, emergency preparedness and ergonomics.

Approximately 20 percent of all nonfatal workplace injuries in the United States are the result of trip and fall accidents. The number has remained fairly consistent, despite progress in reducing other injuries in the workplace. Employers need a risk management program aimed at falls that focuses not just on worker training but also on providing workers with appropriate gear, boots, and effective fall protection systems.

June is also an ideal time to pay attention to employee wellness and help workers become more productive, stay healthy and avoid sick days. In the wake of a number of recent deadly workplace disasters, the National Safety Council is also focusing on emergency preparedness. Employers need to have emergency response plans and conduct drills so that everybody knows their role during an emergency.

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