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Product Liability

Many consumers and factory workers in Georgia suffer serious injuries from unsafe products and workplace machinery each year. A serious injury caused by a defective automobile design, harmful side effects of a prescription drug, tainted food products, children’s toys or any consumer product may be grounds for a product liability lawsuit. Many injuries suffered by workers involve industrial machinery or equipment that has a design or manufacturing defect that causes preventable accidents.

Manufacturers have a legal responsibility to make and market products that are safe and effective. They also are required to warn of known hazards. Manufacturers that expose people to injury from unsafe products should be made to pay for the harm they cause.

Let the personal injury attorneys of Parsons & Associates, P.C., with offices in Atlanta and Savannah, review the facts of your injury at no charge and advise you of your legal rights to seek compensation. We have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients. We have more than 18 years of experience representing injury victims.

Understanding Your Legal Rights to File Product Liability Claims in Georgia

Product injuries are all too common. One out of every nine people in the United States suffers a consumer product-related injury requiring medical treatment each year, according in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Serious injuries caused by unsafe products may give rise to product liability claims.

In Georgia, manufacturers are strictly liable for a product that causes injury. Attorneys representing injured consumers or workers must show that the product was defective in its design, manufacture or lack of adequate warnings and that the defect was the cause of the injury.

Workers who have a work-related injury and are receiving workers’ compensation often do not realize that in some cases they may file a third-party product liability lawsuit as well. Workers who get a hand or foot entrapped in a piece of industrial equipment may have a third-party claim against a manufacturer if the machinery has a defective design that makes it unsafe. A third-party lawsuit is separate from workers’ compensation and does not affect the weekly checks you receive.

Product liability cases are complicated cases, involving analysis and accident reconstruction by product experts. You need a law firm that can invest the time and resources to build a compelling case that a product was defective.

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