We do not get paid unless you get paid. It is that simple. It does not cost you anything to hire us. We work on a contingency fee basis. Instead of charging you an hourly rate, we will receive a portion of your settlement or award. If you don’t receive any compensation, neither do we.

The workers’ compensation lawyers of Parsons Law Group, do not take money out of the pockets of injured workers we assist. Our fees for the legal work we do for you will be based on the compensation we obtain through the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Board. We don’t get paid if we don’t obtain money for you.

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We Don’t Charge Up-Front Fees to Injured Workers

The maximum amount that the attorneys can charge is 25 percent of the income benefits or settlement received, not to exceed 400 weeks of benefits unless the case is catastrophic.

Workers’ compensation benefits include medical expenses. These are not included in the calculation of legal fees.

If you do not receive payment, neither will we. This gives us extra incentive to ensure that your workers’ compensation settlement includes every dollar available. Because we can receive 25% of any settlement for you, we have a “dog in the fight” to recover as much as we can for you down to the last penny.

Filing for and obtaining workers’ compensation benefits can be complicated and stressful, particularly for someone who is also dealing with a disabling injury or illness.

You are not required to have an attorney to seek workers’ compensation, but having a lawyer from Parsons & Associates on your case takes the burden off of you. If your employer is disputing your claim, you can be sure they will have an attorney fighting for them. We will fight for every dollar that is owed to you.

Is it Possible to Get Workers’ Compensation Insurance to Pay for Attorney’s Fees in Georgia?

The workers’ compensation judge may order the insurer to pay part of your lawyer’s fees if your benefits weren’t paid on time (without good reason), and we had to take legal action to enforce your rights. A fee order may also be granted if you prove that the insurance company denied your claim without a reasonable legal basis.

Georgia’s Legal Costs: How Do They Work?

Besides our lawyer fees, other expenses are associated with workers’ comp cases, including medical records requests, court reporter fees for transcribed depositions, and expert witness fees (for physicians who testify at a deposition or hearing, for example).

Our workers’ compensation lawyers won’t charge these costs upfront. In most cases, they cover the out-of-pocket expenses and deduct them from your settlement or award. Our attorneys will waive our fees if you don’t receive a settlement or award. If you have questions about how the costs will be handled, we will happily explain before you hire us.

In Georgia, all legal costs deducted from your settlement or award must be approved by the workers’ compensation judge. To request approval, we will submit a form. The judge will usually approve a fee that is within the legal limits.

During your initial consultation, we can discuss fees and costs with you.

Let an Experienced Georgia Workers’ Comp Attorney Help You

Parsons Law Group’s workers’ compensation lawyers have been standing up for injured workers across Georgia for over 25 years. Every case is unique, but our total dedication and personal service to the client are part of every case we pursue.

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