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Personal restraint systems and other kinds of personal protection are key to preventing injuries from workplace falls. Researchers are exploring strategies to encourage the use of personal fall protection systems among workers who sometimes find the devices cumbersome or inconvenient.

A recent study focused on construction workers, because this industry contributes to the highest number of workplaces fall accidents every year. The research was published in Professional Safety Journal.

The researchers studied fall protection gear compliance at 197 residential construction sites. They found that only 59% of company of the workers complied with fall protection measures.

The researchers wanted to understand why compliance levels were low and conducted a survey of the workers. The workers were shown presentations of various safety devices and were asked to rate them. Many workers agreed that the fall arrest gear was effective, but they were concerned that it reduced their productivity.

The researchers suggest that employers identify the best and most effective equipment to prevent specific types of falls to enhance compliance. They also suggest that workers use a device repeatedly to get used to it and encourage long-term compliance, and they recommend testing of personal fall systems by workers. This will help employers try out equipment and integrate it in the workplace before a company buys it.

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