Total Knee Replacement after Slip and Fall- BP Car Care

Our client, a mechanic at BP Car Care, was injured after slipping and falling on a carpet in the lobby of the auto-repair shop. The company used the “Notice Defense” denying that the employee ever notified them of the accident. In fact, after the accident, a manager drove the employee to the hospital but urged our client to use his own group health insurance to treat the injury. Our client, afraid of being fired, did as he was told. For six months, he did not receive medical care or file a claim. Finally, our client hired Attorney Michael Parsons and he was able to get our client to a knee specialist who performed a total knee replacement. After going to a trial, the judge found that the employee had provided notice to the employer and that the employer was responsible for the injury. Our client ultimately settled his claim after a hearing for $125,000.00.

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