I strongly recommend the services of Parsons Law Group

I am very grateful to Michael Parsons at Parsons & Associates, P.C. for coming to my rescue with my Worker’s Compensation Injury. I had all of the complications that you can imagine with a worker’s comp claim. The worker’s comp representative would not return my calls. Initially, the emergency room, ER doctor and others were after me to pay the bills. The worker’s comp insurance company for my employer changed. My employer was bought out by another company. Everything that could happen to distance me from the claim took place. When the new company found out I had an ongoing worker’s comp case, they fired me. Mr. Parsons stepped in and first insured that I got the medical care that I needed. Second he made the worker’s comp company pay me a monthly allowance while my injury was ongoing and I could not work. Finally, he brought the worker’s comp company to the table with a fair settlement for all of the difficulties, pain and problems I endured. Throughout the process Mr. Parsons and his office manager, Ms. Copeland, regularly checked on me to ensure that I was doing alright and to see if I needed anything. I now consider Mr. Parsons my lawyer for all matters. I strongly recommend the services of Parsons Law Group. to any person who needs legal assistance with any problem.

— Steven Thorton
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