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The daily routine of many workers involves with the use of solvents. But as Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers know, not every worker understands how to use solvents safely and what precautions are needed while working with such chemicals.

Workers who are exposed to toxic chemicals in the form of solvents could be at a much higher risk of suffering from kidney problems, reproductive damage, liver damage, respiratory illnesses and damage to the nervous system.

Safety rules must be followed while working with solvents to reduce the risk of injuries from toxic exposure. Employers should make sure that workers are aware of all these precautions. Among them:

  • Workers must have access to personal protection equipment to prevent injury from toxic exposure to solvents. It’s also important to make sure workers know how to use the gear and are aware of the risks involved in not using it.
  • Employees need to know the correct way of removing the personal protection equipment so that the skin does not accidentally come into contact with the solvent.
  • Some workers use solvents to wash their hands. But this is a dangerous practice because the toxins can be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. Employers must educate workers against such practices.
  • Solvents must be stored carefully and kept far away from food and beverages. This reduces the risk of accidental ingestion.
  • Employees must also be trained to wash themselves thoroughly and correctly after they have worked with solvents to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Because solvents can pose a fire hazard, they should be stored and disposed of properly.

Michael Parsons is an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer, representing injured workers in the metro Atlanta region and helping them recover the workers’ compensation benefits that they have earned.