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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 200,000 people in the United States currently live with spinal injuries. These injuries can cause varying degrees of paralysis, loss of sensation and the inability to perform routine activities or even return to work.

Spinal injuries are not only among the most catastrophic type of workplace injury but also among the most expensive. There is no permanent long-term cure for spinal injury. A worker who suffers a spinal injury may need extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain some movement and sensation in their limbs.

On construction worksites, some common causes of spinal injuries are slip and fall accidents. These injuries may also occur when a worker is struck by flying debris or falling objects.

Construction workers who have suffered a spinal injury will be interested in the results of new research finding that treadmill training soon after spinal injury, and when levels of inflammation are at their lowest, could be effective in helping regain walking abilities.

The research was conducted on mice that had suffered spinal injuries and had low levels of an enzyme that is responsible for the regulation of pain. These mice had very low levels of inflammation, and therefore the treadmill training was more beneficial. The injured rats were able to walk about without support after the treadmill training.

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