Workers injured on the job in Georgia are entitled to paid medical care provided by a doctor identified by the employer. The injured worker may choose a doctor from the employer’s list of workers’ compensation doctors. But if you’re frustrated with the treatment you’re receiving from the company doctor, you may benefit from an independent medical examination.

A workers’ compensation lawyer from Parsons Law Group can advise you of your legal rights. From our offices in Atlanta and Savannah, we can also help you find a doctor for an independent medical examination.

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Finding a Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Atlanta or Savannah

Under Georgia’s workers’ compensation program, workers injured on the job are entitled to prompt medical care. Injured workers must cooperate with their employer in receiving medical care and treatment from one of the doctors listed by the company or from the company’s workers’ compensation managed care organization. If you don’t like the first doctor you choose, you may switch to another doctor on the list without the employer’s permission.

Medical bills are fully covered if you receive treatment from a doctor on your employer’s Posted Panel of Physicians. You should not have to pay any portion of the treatment costs for an on-the-job injury. If you go to your own doctor for treatment of a work-related injury, however, your employer may not be responsible for covering the treatment unless it’s emergency care.

If the company fails to provide a list of at least six workers’ compensation doctors as required by Georgia’s workers’ compensation law, you may be entitled to seek treatment from the doctor of your choice. Let a highly qualified Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney review whether your employer has fulfilled the workers’ compensation law requirements.

Each injured worker’s claim has its own set of facts. An independent medical examination offers you a chance to have a different doctor examine you and provide a second opinion.

Independent medical examinations are particularly valuable for injured workers with unusual conditions, such as complex regional pain syndrome, or who would benefit from treatment by a specialist.

What to Do When a Dispute Arises

There is no doubt that a workers’ compensation doctor is there to save the insurance company money and will do everything in their power to shortchange you in terms of the treatment you need. The doctor may tell you that you don’t need certain therapies, procedures, or diagnostics. The doctor may tell you that you are healed when you aren’t.

You should see a workers’ compensation attorney if you have this problem. Similarly, see an attorney when a workers’ compensation doctor clears you to return to work when you know you aren’t ready.

Returning to Work

To be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, you must make good faith efforts to return to work. You could lose your right to lost wage benefits if you do not try.

You have two options if you disagree with the doctor’s assessment that you can return to work: find a workers’ compensation attorney, or use the one-time option under workers’ compensation to switch doctors.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for the Help You Need

A knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney at Parsons & Associates, P.C. will review your accident and explain your options for changing doctors if you are dissatisfied with your company-paid healthcare provider. We’re committed to helping you obtain the best possible medical care.

If you have a work-related injury or disease and are having difficulty with your workers’ compensation doctor, seek the guidance of an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer. Contact us to speak directly with Michael. Parsons Law Group has helped injured workers in Atlanta and Savannah get the proper care they need after a work injury.