Injured By Falling Object-City of Douglasville

A bookcase fell on our client, injuring her. She worked for the City of Douglasville. The insurance company rejected the injury claim, and she initially hired another attorney to represent her. At trial, the insurance company contended that our client resigned because she could not handle the stress of the job. The judge ruled in favor of the insurance company. The woman then hired Parsons & Associates, P.C. We filed a request for a change in condition for the worse. We were able to get the woman’s doctor to say that the workplace injury had left our client permanently unable to work. The insurance company then hired their own doctor to say that old age caused her inability to work, not the injury. During a trial, the judge said the company had unreasonably defended the case and awarded attorney’s fees to our client. Attorney J. Michael Parsons was able to get the woman all her back pay. The insurance company recently agreed that the woman’s injuries were catastrophic, and the parties settled the case for $220,000.00.

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